Sickness, Death and Memory.The Funeral Experience as an Instance of the Memory in "La enfermedad" by Alberto Barrera Tyszka.

José Javier Franco


Experience and memory talk about a life in common; they both are, essentially, collective. Living and remembering commit us to each other, because even the most intimate experience is mediated by its presence; or by its absence, which is another way to be together.

Death predicts not only the end of the experience, but also its irretrievable, irreversible character. Sickness is the warning, the prelude of death. Sickness and death convoke the past, they urge it to become (in the) present, even when all restitution is impossible.

But death, at least our own, is unutterable. There is no post mortem speech that doesn’t come from other, from others. Sickness and death of the fellow man, of the close ones, activate the memory and the funeral speech. The living ones remember the deceased and speak for them.

La enfermedad, by Alberto Barrera Tyszka, fictionalizes this doublé process of remembrance and loss: the death of the father denotes not only the past, but the future of the son, who sees in the present the traumatic repetition of the past, as much as the mourning process it starts. These lines propose a reading of that staging.


Barrera Tyszka, Sickness, Death, Mourning, Memory

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