The Tension of I Writer: the Journal as a Place of Experimentation in José Donoso and Ágata Gligo

Daniela Alejandra Fernández Arriagada


With the publication of Correr el tupido velo (2009,) we can access to fragments of Jose Donoso’s diary; on the other hand, Diario de una pasajera (1997) is the record of Agata Gligo’s last days of life. This autobiographic texts are understood by their authors as parts of their work. Although there´s a deeper intimacy that is knows that will come to light, there is evidence of a necessity to get through their writing. In the case of Gligo, she recibes the order from Donoso himself to start a diary to face her narrative dryness and her upcoming death. In the case of Donoso, he is quite prolific in this kind of writing, consolidating as a place of relief his fears and insecurities. Alberto Giordano (2009) proposes that writing about themselves give’s the subjects chance to know themselves and again to become unknown, in synthesis, to create their own figure, what allows them to display their narrative abilities to the fullest, taking them to the hibridation of the genre, in which it also gives space for metatextual reflection about their contemporaries and their own’s work, building the double gesture of critic and building a stance in a cultural field, always inside the writing of their diaries. 


Autobiography, Writer's diary, José Donoso, Ágata Gligo.


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