In the Treshold of the Aurora: Itineraries of a Ritualistic and Alchemical in Cidade Sitiada

Rodrigo Veloso


This is a study of the work A cidade sitiada by Clarice Lispector, in dialogue with antropology (rites of passage), the second alchemy Jungian psychology in which it is intended to analyze the character in its individuation process, that means of self-knowledge of oneself. We perceived that the  principal character is marked by the conjugation and stigma of the verb to live, that is, it goes through different phases and stages in order to discover who he really is, since he is always in search of his identity, which is constructed with the development of his story in the novel. The narrative procedure adopted by Clarice Lispector, in that work led us to the concept of the rites of passage theorized by Arnold Van Gennep and alchemy, second Carl Gustav Jung. We investigated which are the behaviors demanded from the protagonist by the other members of the community in which to see inserted, and how it is positioned before it. Finally, we intend to show how the passage of the rites in Lucrecia's life, in addition to being related to her natural development (phases of adulthood), is mainly linked to the way in which the text is constructed.


Clarice Lipespector, A cidade Sitiada, Individuation, Rites of Passage, Alchemy


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