A Perverse Apocalypse: Reflections on Symbolic Violence in "Eloy"

Pablo Concha Ferreccio


This essay approaches the symbolic violence in Carlos Droguett´s novel Eloy (1960), opening with an analysis of the link between Eloy and women in order to present perversion as a psychic structure. The essay then addresses symbolic violence with reference to René Girard´s theory concerning the literary motif of the brothers; it proposes there would be two doubles of Eloy: the policeman and the barber. The relationship between both of these figures and the main character (a rural bandit) is characterized by its perverse nature, whereby violence is understood as state violence, restrained and secular, which reveals the existence of a reified social link between the countryside and the city. Finally, the work seeks to account for this double use of perversion by considering the novel’s production context.


Carlos Droguett, Eloy, symbolic violence, social links, perversion

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5195/ct/2013.50


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