Creeper to two Voices, "Los trazos del viento" and "Jauría": Theater as a Means of Denunciation and Struggle

Emily Celeste Vázquez


In this article I will compare the theater plays Los trazos del viento by Alan Aguilar and Jauría by Enrique Mijares. This work will be divided in the study of the following axes: a review of both, the theoretical and historical frame surrounding the femicides perpetrated in Ciudad Juarez; the plays’ thematic basis along with the authors’ perspective on the narrated subject; the characters, specifically in their semiological and metaphorical significance in regards to the portrayed reality; and the social impact, scope in which it will be observed the ethical and ideological meanings used to denounce a painful reality and to provoke an impact in readers and audience. Furthermore, in this article I will expose why the characters work as a faithful representation of an unattainable reality, while contributing to the Mexican literature through formal and discursive aspects.


Theater, femicide literature, comparative literature, Ciudad Juarez, border literature

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