Vallejo and Picasso:"in Humanity his Art, in Art his War"

Adel R Fauzetdinova


At the Second International Congress of Antifascist Writers César Vallejo viewed Guernica, Pablo Picasso’s masterpiece that influenced Vallejo’s magnificent collection of poems Spain, Take This Cup from Me. Both works and their numerous manuscripts and sketches reveal the dialog between Picasso and Vallejo within a rupture that they create in order to build a new humanity. Both artists erase the concept of enemy and focus on the victims instead, raise the notion of politics from mere ideology to a natural human preoccupation and strive to rebuild the humanity with the people's art as its fabric since it is humanity, not politics, that nourishes their art, and it is the people's art that sustains the humanity.


César Vallejo; Pablo Picasso; Spain, Take This Cup from Me; Guernica

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