Cartographies of the Vision, from the Virtual Map to the Affective Journey: the City and its Outskirts in La experiencia dramática, by Sergio Chejfec

Daniela Alcívar Bellolio


In Sergio Chejfec’s La experiencia dramática (2012), there are some geographic imaginaries in which afections, technologies and several regimes of the gaze find a common ground. This article poses an examination of the image of the city in this novel, with the porpouse of stablishing the geographic sensibility as a constant in Chejfec’s narrative work, on one side, and of articulating the most important implications in the development of the story, on the other, emphasizing on the narrative device quality geography has as a core of meaning and esthetic possibilities.


Sergio Chejfec, Argentinian Literature, Literary Criticism, 21st Century, City


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