Rethinking the Caribbean from Cultural Studies: Literature, Nation, Raciality and Gender in Donnete Francis, April Shemak and Rosamond King

Marcelo José Cabarcas Ortega


Coming from literary and cultural studies, these authors are joining a growing number of experts interested in analyzing the impact of neoliberal dynamics in ethnicity, sexuality and gender in the Caribbean, whether in the archipiélago or its continental edges. All the more, there are at least two important features that can be stated about their analysis: the first one is the importance given to the new diasporas and their effect on the present; the second one is the need to expand the literary archive by integrating music, photography and performance to the traditional process of hermeneutics. Thus, when considering more inclusive forms of interpretation, criticism seeks to overcome clichés worn by an excessive use and tune in on the concerns of young writers about the realities of migration and its influence on the current political resizing of the body. To that extent, April Shemak, Donnete Francis, Rosamond King and others problematize the idea of a Caribbean of pure contact and diffusion.


Diaspora, Racialization, Gender, Sexuality, Anti-romance.

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