Landscapes of Survival

Gabriel Giorgi


Some of the most significant investigations in contemporary literature and art from Brazil and the Southern Cone revolve around the question of memory, the threshold between the living and the dead and the ways in which conflicting temporalities and anachronism articulate a critique of the present. Memory, evidently, has become a terrain politically saturated in contemporary South American democracies, where the “politics of memory” —conjugated between testimony and collective pedagogies— define to a great degree the articulation between culture and politics. In this context, Nuno Ramos’ installations and writings, working on the unstable terrain between the living and the dead, the organic and the inorganic, the fossilized and the spectral, represent a decisive intervention. In Ramos’ works memory is never entirely human; it is irreducible to the domain of subjectivity nor to the shared narratives of the collective. Memory, instead, takes place precisely at the very limits of the human; it is inseparable from non-human bodies and matters. This essays focus on the "landscapes of survival" where the configuration of such critical perspective in Nuno Ramos’ work interrogates and reformulates the ways in which memory and the political interface there where the very notion of life — the bios that articulates the biopolitical— is at stake.


Memory, Biopolitics, Contemporary aesthetics, Landscape, Bios, Temporalities, Non-Human


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